Ibn al-Jarrah ابن الجراح

It has been so exciting that I had to write another post, living in a relatively peaceful and nice part of Madinat-un-Nasr ( where Al-Azhar University also operates from) I have been truly enjoying my time, apart from the small glitches that takes time to settle with, it has been a wonderful experience, contemplating on problems of our lives and the troubles we carry as humans… as nations… there is one thing that humans predominantly excel at! and that is collecting garbage, may that be at the river banks, at street corners, or just outside ones door step, as long as it is not in the house, all is fine! taking a stroll in morning to the Mosque I walk past a road side corner where people throw their rubbish, and as I tried to accept the facts of life, I couldn’t avoid admitting that this is true for nearly every Muslim…

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