Do you tweet, send a text, or check who’s called you whilst you drive? Do you always use a hands free device to do this?

A recent survey from Halfords found 48% of drivers confess to having used a handheld mobile to make a phone call when driving at least once in the past year whilst 36% do so once a week or more. As our need to remain in touch grows the law is being ignored more than ever. Some 35% of drivers admitted reading text messages, rising to 57% among under 25’s, whilst almost one in five (19%) have gone onto social networking sites or used the Internet. 

It’s not just reading a message or making a call that is an issue. Over half of drivers surveyed (53%) say that they will take their eyes off the road to look at who is calling from them and 45% admit they do so to see who has sent them a…

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