Something less than nothing

Perhaps it’s eating porridge with banana and peanut butter out of the pan and it’s making me happy that I feel inclined to write something remotely positive. Perhaps it’s me changing for a more positive self and future, but that’s unlikely so it’s probably the serotonin in those bananas. Any way.

Fairly recently I was heading back from Bristol on the train, half in dispar at heading back to the last stop on the line where dreams are shattered and half because I was feeling worse for wear from two days of drinking. After standing on the platform and listening to the announcement that the train would be two minutes, six minutes, twelve minutes, eighteen minutes, four minutes, eighteen minutes, six minutes, twenty minutes, two minutes. I decided they had no idea when the train would actually arrive so I went to buy a massive cheese and onion pasty and two cans of Guinness, I drank…

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