The Bowditch Pitch

Ah, public transport, the university of life. A place where you’re forced to rub shoulders and various other body parts with the weird and wonderful characters that make up a city.

Many of us are not so au fait with public transport here in car-centric Canberra, where the population is so spread out and the frequency of bus services not always high enough to get us where we need to go on time. But for those of you who regularly catch the buses, you will know that public transport exposes you to much more ‘real life’ than you get when you’re scooting around town in your car.

My family and I were recently in Melbourne, where we naturally hopped on and off trams like monkeys swinging on boughs. For my children, the experience of ‘touching on’ and ‘touching off’ with their Myki cards (pretty similar to our MyWay cards, I…

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