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road rage 620

I drive to work every day, like the majority of us who haven’t quite decided to kick the habit and join the bus or carpool crew.  It takes me about 30 minutes, give or take, to get to work, and a bit more to get home due to traffic.  My commute isn’t bad, it’s on a relatively traffic light-free mountain highway, and the views are pretty incredible (not that I look, my eyes are obviously glued to the road…obviously…).   Of course, when it snows, you’d think it was the apocalypse, but at least it doesn’t snow very often.  It does rain a lot, however (welcome to the West Coast), and sometimes it’s a bit treacherous to navigate through the masses of slow moving vehicles with their wipers at full tilt and their drivers’ faces mashed to the windshield. I have a small, quick car that makes small work of…

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