I’ve never really done the public transport commute to work so the last four weeks has been an eye opener.

Yes, I caught the train to and from school but, frankly, travelling in a pack as a schoolgirl doesn’t really count, surely. It was just a jolly break between school and avoiding homework.

But now I am riding the Daily Fun Bus … that’s the 428 in to the city and the Mighty 412 out again.

Clearly everybody hates riding the bus. Eyes front, shy away from whoever’s sitting next to you … MUST. NOT. TOUCH. Earphones in. Ignore IGNORE.

Have you ever got on a full bus and been the only one facing backwards? The waves of misery that come off your fellow travellers is astonishing.

It got too much for me one week, especially after the Mighty 412 turned into the Twitchy Bus one Thursday afternoon. The guy…

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