I knead the truth

Archaeologists in Lancashire have dug up a car park only to find the remains of a previous car park

car park

A team of top archaeologists from the University of Blackburn, who were excavating a car park in Blackpool, were baffled to uncover the remains of another car park beneath.

The dig, which took place in November 2012, was expected to unearth an ancient monastery allegedly destroyed in Viking raids across Britain between 800 and 900AD.

“Of all the things we expected to find buried beneath a car park, one of the last things we expected was a car park,” said team leader Dr Patrick Whitby.

The greenlight was given for a mass excavation of Blackpool town centre, starting with the popular car park, which sees over 200 people flock to it each day, following the discovery of the potential remains of Richard III in a Leicester car park.

Archaeologists say the…

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