➭➭Fast Forward➭➭

A driverless car. It seems way in the future, but once again, Google thought of it. They call it Google Car.


Google Car uses LIDAR, a 64-beam laser system to sense when other cars, side walks or bikers are near them. It also uses Google Street View as a basic outline for where buildings and stoplights are.

There have been some arguments about whether this autonomous car is safe or not. Google engineers fight back and say that robots have faster reactions, never get sleepy and have a 360 view, so you never have the dreaded ‘in the blind spot accident’. So far, only 3 states, California, Florida and Nevada, have permitted Google to test Google Car their state.

Google Car Driving

Google are also taking lots of precautions. In the states they are allowed in, they have given the car lots of tests. They’ve had they car navigate through traffic, drive in…

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