Practical Frugal Living


With each new surge in gas prices, a frequently asked question is whether motorcycles offer substantial savings in fuel consumption.  The related question is whether motorcycles have a place in practical frugal living.

The questions make sense enough.  After all, what could possibly be more fuel efficient than a two-wheeler that weighs 1/8 the weight of a car?  What better idea for saving gas than losing the unused seating capacity, the empty trunk space, the metal frame and siding, and otherwise reducing your means of transportation to the absolute bare minimum?  Surely, 100 miles per gallon is something any frugalist would die for.   If that weren’t enough, the thrill of the open road, soaking up the sun on those beautiful spring and fall days, and the rugged, independent image make it a no brainer, right?


As someone who owned a motorcycle and used it as my primary means of…

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