Just Some Thoughts

Sitting in the bus this morning, it made me think about how people choose their seats. For me, I’m one of those ‘walkers’ that walk all the way to the back until I find a seat that fits my ‘criteria’. Normally what happens is that I’m seating near the back because I was ready to commit.
Hmm, my ‘criteria’. For example, it must face the front, if it doesn’t, at least backwards. (the sideways chair are only if I’m with my friends) Then if both seats are empty, much better. If not, then you have to choose a bus mate. This process of choosing bus mate is also very interesting. I don’t understand how the people who seat next me. Like really? you chose me? hahaha

Some awkward situations in the buses:
1) The guy beside you for no reason, switches seat. UGH. what are you supposed to think?

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