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OKLAHOMA CITY – The ongoing debate over guns laws finds a new battleground.

A new bill has been filed at the statehouse that would make it legal to carry firearms, open or concealed, on buses in Oklahoma.

Since 1980, it’s been illegal to carry concealed weapons onto city buses.

The open carry law enacted last year essentially superseded the old law.

For months city leaders wanted to close that loophole and ban all weapons on buses but some in the Capitol are going the opposite direction.

“Those that use public transportation shouldn’t be penalized for protecting themselves,” Sen. Kyle Loveless said.

Loveless is sponsoring a bill that would permanently allow bus riders to carry firearms, open or concealed.

“I believe we have the Second Amendment for a reason,” Loveless said.

“We have this concern that public safety on buses might be compromised,” Metro Transit spokesperson Michael Scroggins said.

Officials with…

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