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At one point or another we’ve all made what can be ever so graciously called  “driving ooopsies”.  A lingering eye, a slow reflex, really any sort of minute driving distractions can lead to big and small driving mistakes. While said mistakes may not always lead to a crash, they can often temporarily cause you to have a mini-heart attack of sorts.

Sometimes it’s not even your fault.

To prepare you for whatever life throws at you, check out some of these scary (but absolutely hilarious) driving GIFs. We’ll even teach you what to do in those circumstances.

1. The Hard Brake

Hard brake

Maybe you just saw an “everything half-off today only!” special at IKEA, maybe you’re trying to wake up your snoring friend in the passenger seat. Whatever the reason, the above GIF shows us that braking hard can often lead to loss of control of your vehicle. Though our GIF friend was…

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