Trivial Pursuit- The all new Enigma

A PROBLEM  Having spent an increasing amount of travelling via the medium of Train, both to see my womanly acquaintance and previously because of daily commute, I have come to a realisation… the average train journey is very very dull.

Most people overcome this by simply falling asleep.  Making the monotony dissipate while they remain unconscious in their own primitive form of stasis containment podule. While this has a few temporal plus points. it does also have many a drawback. See the surface being scratched below. Sleeping on trains means you are…

  1. vulnerable to other weird passengers ..robbing, moving, harassing, perving on, smelling, messing with… you while you sleep.
  2. possible danger of dribble, snoring, talking, sleep groans, unconscious genital fiddling/adjustment, weird alien sleeping position created in your sleep while other people are there.
  3. disoriented ticket dealings when awoken suddenly.
  4. missing your stop (seems the least important but inconvenient none the less)
  5. halfway head banging when continuing to fight unconsciousness
  6. And the biggest threat of all … the sudden…

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