Survival on the Crowded Train

Komaba Times

By Narusa Yamato

Survival on the Crowded Train

Have you ever taken the train in Tokyo between 6 to 8 O’clock in the morning? If you have, you would know very well how crowded it is.

The crowdedness of the train in Tokyo is amazing, because there is literally no space between people. What adds on to this discomfort is the stuffiness and the sensation of radiant body heat emitted by the incredible number of people on the train.

From this description, you might be wondering how people can bare to use the train everyday. As a train commuter using the Tokyu Toyoko line during the rush hour to get to Shibuya everyday, I have found several ways to survive the crowdedness.

The basic advice I would give is to stand away from the doors. From my experience, the place that gets most crowded is the area near the doors…

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