Classless Travel: A Guide to Sleeping in Cars – Part 2

Rika Confesses

Before we begin this post, I’d like to just point out that someone actually found my blog by searching for “best cars to sleep in”. That is something to be proud of.

What to Bring When Sleeping in the Car

Most car sleeping situations fall under either all night sleeping as a hotel replacement, or spontaneous napping on days when one seems to be having some difficulty with one’s lifestyle. This packing list applies mostly to the former, but if you’re the sort of person who keeps things in the car, some of these items might happen to come in handy in the later as well.


Instagrammed Blanket


– A blanket. It may be tempting to grab a small blanket, thinking that room will be saved, but I find that extra blanket size is essential for feeling reasonably warm on cold nights.

I made the resolution to always travel…

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