A love-hate relationship with a fictional character, some road rage, and some anger management plans

Living on Waubee Lake

We’re going to pretend I’ve been writing for the last month. Cool? Cool. Cool cool cool.

I’ve been lazy. I’ve killed a lot of dragons and necromancers and bandits. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

So, in other news.

The only time anger gets the better of me consists of three distinct events: I’m playing a game from the Mega Man series, the internet stops working because of unknown reasons and I’m in the middle of something, and when I’m driving with any other person on the road.

Mega Man is just difficult. I’ll admit, I have broken a controller because of over the top difficulty curves in some of the games. For example, in Mega Man one, there are infamous disappearing blocks that reappear in patterns, oftentimes going over endless pits of death or lava pits of… warmer death. If you don’t get the timing and pattern…

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