Sporadic Logic

News today that local government in the UK has made the startling discovery that our roads are festooned with too many signs. The multitude of signs it seems have built up over the years and have been placed on individual merit alone without regard to the overall effectiveness of their collective delivery. One local council has removed 200 “surplus” signs from a 10 km stretch of road (that is one sign every 50 meters).

Some of the offending signs have been deemed “confusing”, some “obsolete”, and some simply redundant because they repeat information (presumably imparted 50 meters earlier).

Sporadic Logic welcomes their demise. This is partly because each morning his commute includes a sign that proudly exclaims “Sign not in use” and so he is spared a small daily frustration, but mostly because the news suggests that seeds of change in our local government.

Road signs are made of aluminium…

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