THE FLYING SPORTSCARS have come of age.

The biggest two contenders  are the ICON A5 and the TERRAFUGIA “Transition”.   Orders are already pouring in and deliveries of premier editions are expected in 2016 or before.

The ICONs A5 can be purchased for $139,000 for the basic model, a $5,000 initial deposit is required at reservation which can be done online in an easy 1-2-3 step process.  The ICON A5 is an LSA (Light Sports Aircraft), it flies, it’s amphibious and can therefore land on water as well as land.  Reminiscent of a futuristic space-ship, this 2-seater has fold-up wings and fits nicely in your garage or driveway.

Terrafugia’s “Transition” starts at $279,000, again a 2 seater LSA, this is literally a flying sportscar that can be driven on the road and has better mileage than most SUVs at 35mpg .

To find out more about trials, availability, spec comparisons…

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