I Didn’t Get On The iBus

The Anonymous Widower

I let this bus go when I got to the stop.

I don’t like it’s up front advertising especially for Apple products, but I was talking to a guy with an adorable ten week old baby in his arms. Anyway with 38 buses, you only have to wait a minute or so for another one. And when it did turn up, it was a New Bus for London. These are now saying that they accept credit cards.

Who needs a car, when personal transport is so frequent. It did seem to me though, that with all that advertising the iBus was rather slower than the new bus I was on.

I’m always reminded of the joke about how you make an Apple computer go faster.  You drop it from a taller building.

The New Buses for London seem to be faster over a distance than the standard ones.  I think…

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