On impressions and giving a flying f%*$ what people think.

Whoa, Molly!

Yesterday I got on the train like I always do. I stood in the little crowd just outside the doors, filed on when they opened and went to head up the stairs. As I did, myself and an older man bumped into each other as we both started up at the same time. I did that awkward do-I-go-or-don’t-I dance for a second before he waved me up ahead of him. Behind him, a woman tsk-ed and said quite loudly, “People are just getting ruder and ruder.” Then when she sat down, she glared at me with an extremely sour and disapproving expression.

I don’t know why I gave a flying fuck what this woman thought, but I was totally shamed and thought about it through the whole trip to work.

I’m usually a very polite person. I kinda pride myself on it. When people look at me and see some…

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