Can’t we all get along?

BEST Biking in Tallahassee

This is not directly related to cycling but is very related to conflicts we encounter every day whether it is on a bike or on foot.  I thought I would blog it in hopes that someone will find it useful in their every day life.  The conclusion concerning “compromise” is extremely relevant when it comes to bikes and cars habitating the same space on the streets of Tallahassee.

When I was about 8, I was running down my street when all of the sudden from behind a dog grabbed my arm and literally tried to yank my arm out of the socket. He clamped down on my forearm and started jerking it’s head back and forth so violently he picked me up off the ground. My dad said later that it looked like he was flinging a rag doll around. My dad came running over with the rake he had…

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