Moving sidewalks at Spadina

Finch to Museum

I was walking through the inter-Spadina (or intra-Spadina? both could apply here) tunnel this morning, bemoaning how long it takes to transfer from a southbound train to the streetcar platform, when my eyes came upon this sign on the tunnel wall:

Clearly, there is no handrail, but that got me thinking about a legend I had heard somewhere or other about moving sidewalks connecting the two Spadinas. The more I studied the tunnel, the more it seemed to fit. The floor tiles were very obviously done at different times, and they divide on the wall at a good handrail height, like this:

After doing some research, it turns out that not only were there indeed moving sidewalks, but they were still in use up until a few years ago. In 2003-4, it was determined that the sidewalks needed an immediate, major overhaul, and, due to budget constraints, the TTC removed…

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