Walking girl

Medium. Town. Life.

I walk to work. That is a normal statement for a lot of people who live in, say, Washington, D.C. But I live in the ‘burbs of central Pennsylvania…and I don’t work in the neighborhood where I live. No, I work several miles away in a (mildly) bustling downtown city center. But unlike a lot of commuters who choose to take public transit or walk or bike, my mode of transportation is not because I hate to fight traffic (it’s practically nonexistent here) or because parking is a pain (there are garages and lots with available spaces everywhere). No, no, my choice to hoof it everyday is deeply rooted in my cheapness. The odd thing is, I am not cheap when it comes to many things. I’ve been known to splurge on meals or shoes or the occasional weekend away, but something about the idea of paying for parking everyday just gets…

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