Public Transportation: Bogota vs. Mexico City


By Darren M. Popik

(BOGOTA) — I’m sure it’s a tough job being mayor of a city.

And it’s got to be an even tougher job running one of the biggest cities in the world. One of the biggest issues that would cause you headaches is figuring out how to get people around your city — public transportation is a major issue.

And so is clean air for the residents of your city.

With that in mind, while paying a visit on Colombia, I thought I’d compare the situation in two of Latin America’s most important cities, Mexico City and Bogota.

Trains or Buses?

I’ve sometimes wondered, if Mexico City planners were deciding today how to organize and construct a public transportation system for the city, would they still opt for the Metro (subway) system that’s been in operation since 1969?

Or would they instead favor the newer Metrobus system…

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