Missing English-ness


Let’s face it, I’m extremely ready to go home.
Not ready in terms of having my suitcase packed (it’s actually full of stollen/lebkuchen etc, so don’t know how clothes are going to fit in!) but in terms of needing to be in my usual environment.

I just read this article about all this ‘Britishness’.
If you want to find out how to be a German person then read this one. There’s a second part as well.

After having read this, I’m just going to briefly write what is currently making me want to go home so so so much. My close English friends here in Germany will be well aware at my ever-growing anger at certain things that Germans find ok, and I most certainly don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Germany- and there are so many things here that are better than at home. I…

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