How to be liked by bus drivers

How to be liked by everyone


If you’re a car owner, you might not be aware of what public transportation world is all about. It’s a very complex, intricate world that very few people understand (Am I amongst them? Why do you even ask?!) It’s full of secret codes, of do’sanddon’ts, that only the most experienced users know. Truth is, public transportation is a micro-society of its own and the leaders are the most merciless dictators this planet has even known. You may already have guessed that I’m talking about bus drivers.

This happened to me last week. I had just finished a 10 hour shift and I was heading home, reading some stuff and listening to some podcasts. I get on the bus and the bus driver looks at me. I pay my fare and he looks at me. I press pause, since I couldn’t hear him.

– You need to take those…

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