Exchanging glances but never words

The Beginning Of Things...

Whilst journeying to and from Vauxhall for the most enjoyable work experience placement in a children’s publishing house, I have had the absolute pleasure of observing humans and the way we interact or rather, don’t interact with each other. Because we, myself included, have very little regard for those strangers around us. I’m the first to complain, getting an A* in my moaning GCSE, but I do like to think that as a writer and as someone who actively makes notes on the people I encounter, I have some level of empathy or interest in my fellow commuters.

It’s bizarre, don’t you think, that you see the same people on the bus, the train, the tube, everyday and yet you never exchange a word beyond the odd grunt of ‘scuse me’ with a ‘please’ shoved on the end. If your lucky. Yet we are all people. We all have lives…

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