Surviving long distance flights…坐飞机

Musings of Atypical Chinaman

Businessman Sleeping on AirplaneMy strategy for taking long distance flights is to sleep. I work long hours the night before to rush out some work, and then board the flight. If the flight is too long, I’ll try to catch a movie or two as well.

In Chinese, taking a flight is commonly referred to as [zuò fēi jī] (: to sit; : airplane [: fly; : machine]). E.g., 他明天坐飞机去欧洲. [tā míng tiān zuò fēi jī qù ōu zhōu.] (He’s flying to Europe tomorrow.)

Air tickets, of course, come in different classes. It’s either first class, or [tóu děng cāng] (: head, first; : class; : cabin), business class, or 务舱 [shāng wù cāng] (: business; : matter; : cabin), or economy class, or 经济舱 [jīng…

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