To Seize: Share-a-Bike system in Amsterdam (or anywhere else)

Seize The Idea

Think about it, there are all these sad bikes hanging around train stations, waiting for their owners to return and in the mean time being bored as hell. What if we could create a system in which those who hop on the train and leave their bike behind could actually share their bike with those who hop off the train?

  • Some people could save money, not having to rent a bike…
  • Or the system could involve people paying a small amount to the one lending his/her bike, this way the owner can actually get some cash..
  • Or you could create a buddy system: find two people (or make triangles or more complex constructions) who work at the same times but switch city’s and because of that can use each others bikes…  All these possibilities!!!

And I guess municipalities/those owning the train stations will be very happy with it as well:…

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