NFC payments on London Busses

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As an oyster user (which is the NFC ticket system in use here in London) I have just had an email to say that I can now use my NFC (Contactess) credit or debit card with the oyster reader on London buses. So now I or anyone can pay for a single fare by just touching your debit card.

Soon, I hope, someone will work out ho to make Phones do this as well so that I can just pay with my phone if required.


i note with some interest that they are explaining in the email that if you have both an oyster card and a credit card in the same wallet/purse/bag etc,  then it may not work,  or may read the wrong card !

It’s good they are explaining this as I am often asked why an oyster does not work when in your wallet !


Another step forward in friction-less living,  well done TFL,  and surely great…

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