Do Sustainable Transport Co-ordinators dream of electric cars?


A major part of any Environmental Policy is the measuring of, and targets to reduce, the carbon footprint of the organisation and as motorised commuters represent a significant source of those carbon emissions, the travel plan is often used as a tool for helping to make those reductions.

So, as carbon emissions come from petrol and diesel powered vehicles, should we be focussing on encouraging commuters to switch to electric cars? I don’t think so.

Aside from the fact that the electricity has to come from somewhere and that ‘somewhere’ more often than not has a carbon footprint of its own, there are more reasons than just carbon reduction for encouraging drivers out of their cars.

Firstly, motorised vehicles are an inactive form of transport and inactivity is associated with a whole host of health problems including obesity and heart disease.

Secondly, cars are responsible for the deaths of around…

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