Delhi gets more fashionable day by day

Ladies Seat.

Keep The Beat

Playing on the phone, I usually like to observe people when traveling in metro. I believe half of Delhi runs through it every day as if you say ‘a loud hello’ in the Metro, someone will surely reply back as your friend, relative, colleague or cousin. Hey!!! It’s just logic to explain, don’t do that practically or don’t blame me.

Sitting on the ladies seat, which is an added advantage to every girl. I was listening to the airy story of two gals talking about how fashion conscious they are. It started with ‘Itna acha stole tha na par aajkal fashion me nahi hai’ (The stole was very nice but is not in trend). On this the other gal replied ‘Fashion bhi to dekhna padta hai’ (Yes, going with fashion is a necessary thing now). I just thought instantly that she wrapped herself in changing trendz so much that she…

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