Beware the fury of the ripped off commuter


I could not be more furious.

Well, actually, I probably could be more furious, I mean, I’ve been more furious in the past, in fact I was probably more furious the other day with those people who feel that travellators at the airport are for standing on rather than walking.

Don’t they realise the best fun on travellators is the bionic-like speed you achieve when striding purposefully to the end?

No, they just stand there, being conveyed through the airport like doomed cows on an abattoir conveyer.

Anyway, back to my furiousness.

I’ve just read that my electronic ticket, my MYKI, has an expiry date.

Said date is not written anywhere on the card.

No, one day it will just stop working – inevitably when I’m running late, or even more inevitably when I’m mid trip.

Thus causing lateness and/or embarrassment.

Why on earth would they set an expiry date?

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