A Graduate's Foray into Scientific Publishing

One of the things I do in the mornings is pick up a copy of the Metro at the train station. I like to read it on my way to work.

The ‘Rush-Hour Crush’ in Metro Talk is always good for a giggle. It’s really funny how some people refer to themselves. Yes I’m talking to you ‘Really good looking guy’!

There’s also a ‘SEND US YOUR TXT’ section on the same page. One of today’s really annoyed and is part of an ongoing debate. This what today’s blog post refers to.

“Emily, being injured, disabled or elderly are not choices people make. Getting pregnant to fulfil a selfish need or want is. Not a difficult concept to grasp, surely?”

The last sentence alone angers me. It’s rude and patronising. However, I am going to focus on the preceding sentences.

Now let me put this into context for you. On…

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