Directive #18


So it’s Monday morning and I’m catching the train into work. I have my MP3 player on and my eyes closed to mentally prepare myself for the week ahead. And then I hear it. ‘NNn!’ I open my eyes but I already know what the source of this disruption is: it’s a man. on a train. sniffing. I glare at him. He takes no notice. I go back to listening to my MP3 player – only for the whole process to repeat itself a few minutes later. Let me break this down for you as to why this is annoying because you are too busy reading the paper to pay attention to the real issues that matter. Not only are you disrupting my pre-morning relaxation with the fact that you may be developing or already have a cold, you are mocking me. USE A F***ING TISSUE – IT’S NOT LIKE…

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