Review: LA801 SCL-SYD via AKL, D, 25 November

¡Viaja con Chris!

My first time flying long-haul with LAN. Not bad for a South American airline, I have to say, with one exception.

The metal

Another Airbus A340. The seats were arranged in pairs, which I personally am not too fond of (especially as the person next to me looked slightly ill and nauseated). No shared armrests though. I requested a seat in row 7 as the two rows 6 and 7 are effectively a cabin-within-a-cabin, allowing for more privacy. Unfortunately it was right in front of the cattle-class cabin, and there was a crying baby in the rows just behind me.

The AVOD hardware was good, with large screens; the selection of movies on offer was decent but not extensive. The seat required some jiggling by an FA before it could fully recline, but once it did I had a comfortable night’s sleep.

Score: 8/10.


The service

Having flown LAN short-haul…

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